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Introduction To Global Logistics: Global Business Drivers For Logistic Services And Distribution

 Aalto University
Description: search for wider markets for the products – Finns in niche markets – tendency to source materials and components on a worldwide basis and to manufacture in whatever offshore locations provide optimum costs. economies of scale in purchasing and production. manufacturing costs + transportation costs = Min?. costs of long supply pipelines may sometimes outweigh the production cost savings –reaction time!– complex flows of materials, products and information, how to integrate and manage linkages between suppliers, factories, distribution centers and customers, outsourcing of non-core activities, alliances and strategic partnerships.
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Introduction to global logistics:
Global business drivers for logistic
services and distribution
Lecture on Tuesday 3.1.2017

Distribution and logistic services - Markku Tinnilä 2017

Global in operations?

• Vaisala Group
• Vaisala develops, manufactures and
markets products and services for
environmental and industrial
measurement. Vaisala's markets are
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Cell and Tissue Engineering

This presentation is about cell structure, cell sourcing, the cause of immature microorganisms, and incited pluripotent undifferentiated organisms and their induction techniques.

Aalto University
12 June, 2019