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You would have seen or heard of multiple processes or applications where some specific temperature is required to be set. For example, the manufacturing of certain herbal medicines could be carried out only at a specific temperature range. Additionally, several injections and other drugs must be cold stored to avoid any contamination or ineffectiveness. Other than the storage, the transportation of such types of products also needs the maintenance of specified temperature for keeping those intact for a longer time. Else than the medicines, there are also several other manufacturing units, such as processed or unprocessed food products, that need constant optimum temperature for the preservation of freshness till longer time. Therefore, such manufacturing firms are required to hire some reliable vendor who would offer the best warehouse monitoring and cooling.

For such requirements in the UAE and GCC, you may contact us at Invention Vision Trading. From our establishment in 2008, we are constantly providing our temperature controlling services to multiple government bodies of the UAE. Other than those, we have also catered to multiple domains such as healthcare, food industries, pathology labs, data centers, supermarkets, blood banks, hotels, and more. We understand that the effective manufacturing of many products needs a humidity-free environment. For catering to such requirements, we install special sensor-based temperature-controlling devices in such firms. The top devices that we offer include thermometers, data loggers, insulation liners for containers, and more. Our manufactured devices are always tested before the installation at our clients’ sites to ensure their accuracy and sensitivity.

Else than offering industrial solutions, we also offer cooling maintenance services for the transported products between long distances in the vehicles, such as trucks. Our devices could o detect the temperature abnormalities at an early stage with the help of high-power sensors. Those are completely automated, by which there is no chance of human error when using those. Our devices are very efficient and would save your time and money incurred in your business. We are the distributors of various top international brands such as Global Sensors (US), Monnit (US), Tempmate (Germany), Bulk Container Liners (India) and more. The cost of our machines is very nominal and reasonable. Our devices are easily installable. We also offer post-installation maintenance services to our clients.

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