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Headline: Ayurveda has certain Indian remedies for Cardiac Disorder for them targets the stubborn extra pounds which cannot be reduced with exercise or diet.

Summary:Health by Ayurveda includes Treatment and Prevention of cardiac. Get Ayurvedic Upchar for Weight Loss with Kerala Ayurveda Cardiac Disorder Tips from Cardiac Disorder Experts.Best center by Ayurveda includes Treatment and Prevention of Cardiac Disorder. Get Ayurvedic Upchar for Cardiac Disorder with Kerala Ayurveda Cardiac Disorder Tips from Experts

Understanding the Core of Cardiac Disorder

Getting to Learn Various Different Treatment for Cardiovascular Disease in India

Cardiac disorder is a common term that refers to all the types of problems concerning to the heart of blood vessels. Some of the most common types include stroke, heart failure, mitral regurgitation, heart infections, coronary artery disease, pulmonary stenosis, and cardiac arrest. As per the research done by the Global Burden of Disease in the year 2010, almost 25% of the mortality rate in India is because of cardiac disorders. It estimates a death rate of 272 people in a population of 100,000 in India that is comparatively much higher than the global death rate estimating to 235 people in a population of 100,000. This calls for a serious concern and attention to learn the core of the disease so that early measures are put into consideration contributing to the cardiovascular disease treatment and prevention India.

Symptoms of Heart Disease

The signs that body depicts for the heart diseases depend on what kind of condition you are suffering from but there are some common heart failure symptoms like heart palpitations, chest pain and breathlessness.

Some additional symptoms of heart disease include:

· Nausea and vomiting

· Dizziness or light-headedness

· Heavy sweating

· Pain radiation throughout the body, for instance, from chest to arm, jaw, back, abdomen and legs

· Unexplained increase in heartbeat

· Skin turning a bit blue

· High level of fatigue

· Clubber fingernails

Causes of Cardiac Disorders

Some of the heart diseases could be genetic, while other causes cardiovascular disease include:

· Regular diet of junk food

· Diabetes

· Smoking

· Ageing

· High cholesterol and blood pressure

· Obesity and overweight

· History of preeclampsia during pregnancy

Ayurvedic Approach to Cardiac Disorder

Cardiac disorders though are becoming a concern for the doctors around the world with the growing rates of causalities. Their prevalence has been mentioned in the ayurvedic history as ‘Hridroga’ where ‘Hrida’ means ‘Heart’ and ‘Roga’ means ‘Ailment’. Combing the two terms, Ayurveda defines the actual terminology of heart ailments as ‘Hridroga’ that mainly is a condition caused due to an imbalance created in the three main doshas present in the body. The pathogenesis, termed as ‘Samprapati’ in Ayurveda, of heart diseases states that when there is excessive consumption of or exposure of various causative factors (Nidanas) all the three doshas are impaired or destroyed. These impaired doshas further contaminate the nutritional fluid that circulates in the body (Rasa Dhatu) and enter the heart leading to various different types of cardiac diseases. The age-old science also categorizes heart ailments into five different types based on the imbalance of the doshas

· VatajaHridroga: Caused by vitiated vatadosha

· Pittaja: Caused by vitiated Pitta dosha

· Kaphaja: Caused by Vitiated kaphadosha

· Tridoshja: Caused by the imbalanced sunchronization of all three dosha

· Krimija: Caused by infectious worms and bacteria

Keeping in mind the Ayurvedic concept, Parijatak offers a complete spectrum of cardiovascular disease treatment India at its centre based in Nagpur. It offers various herbal and natural remedies for heart disease in a way that the course of treatment is absolutely pain free and stress free without any side effects and negative signs of the surgical processes.

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