Jawad Hasnain renewable energy is involved in strengthening agriculture sector

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Concerned about the importance of solar development in Pakistan, Jawad Hasnain renewable energy came up with an innovative design for Solar Tubewell System. He modified the already existing technology and came up with a unique technology. It is believed that this technology has increased the system efficiency and provided the continuous system operation throughout the day.

This cost-efficient new technology truly depicts Jawad’s involvement in strengthening the agriculture sector in Pakistan. After all, it forms the backbone of Pakistan’s economy. People living in the country directly or indirectly depend upon the agriculture produce of Pakistan to earn livelihood.

Creating a new technology demands an individual to be highly goal oriented and self-motivated. Being an experienced electrical engineer, Jawad Hasnain renewable energy possesses a solid technical and sales background. Holding excellent interpersonal skills, Jawad Hasnain has the ability to start a new company and design, develop and market new products.

Involved in philanthropic activities, Jawad Hasnain renewable energy came forward with his innovative idea of inculcating awareness among the citizens in order to bring that desired change in the society. He made his best efforts to make people aware of the importance of education, proper health services as well as various career options. Besides making people aware, Jawad Hasnain also organized various projects that included provisions of clean water supply, healthcare services, power supply, technological needs, and housing support. His philanthropic activities served as a great booster for the other financially sound sectors of the society.

Besides, Jawad has been an inspiration for many volunteers and he encouraged them to reach out to the people living in remote communities with no or limited access to the basic needs. He made voluntary contributions in an attempt to address the underlying causes of important issues prevailing in Pakistan. Jawad believes that those who have an access to the resources should help and support the needy.

About Jawad Hasnain renewable energy

Being highly energetic, Jawad Hasnain renewable energy loves to work independently but within a team environment. Pertaining to the skills he possesses, he has good problem resolution, intuitive decision-making and creative thinking skills. Pertaining to his professional career, he is an electrical engineer with solid background in technical and sales.

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