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There are many companies and businesses across the globe developing a variety of products for their customers. Most times, such manufacturing companies receive bulk orders from their customers for the manufacturing of the required products. In the laser cutting industry, the manufactures first develop various components separately. The final product may need to have specific dimensions and shapes. For this reason, manufacturers must ensure that the raw products are then cut into the specified shapes. This process cannot be achieved by using normal cutting machines. Instead, they are required to use laser metal marking machines for marking the cutting lines/shapes on the products, then cutting them using laser cutting machines.

The laser marking and cutting machines are very precise and achieve the best results. This is done by a laser beam that burns or vaporizes the material. The result is durable and resistant to abrasion. Another advantage of laser marking is its simplicity. If a graphic has been created using a computer program, it can simply be sent to the laser marking system. This engraves the desired graphic on the selected material. You must ensure that the laser marking and cutting machines that you use are of the best quality. For these needs to be met, you may contact us at Jimani, Inc. We produce high quality laser cutting machines using the best components, which could cut the jobs of all sizes into the perfect shapes

Our laser devices are very efficient and could run for several years with no maintenance needed. Our machine parts are also replaceable, therefore, if you experience any issues with the machine itself, you can change individual parts instead of buying a brand-new machine. Our fiber laser marking machine and other machines are also wall plug powered and air-cooled, which makes it easier to be used and maintained. They are very cost-effective, reliable, and energy efficient. They are compatible with a large range of applications. You can use them for cutting various types of plastics and non-metallic substances. They are very portable making it easy to move them to various places, as needed. You may experience the intensity of the operation of our laser marking machine and cutting machine using the three-phase power and cooling system. Our laser cutting systems are available in different watt power ranges, which can be purchased per your needs.

We also provide the best fiber laser cutting services using the best machines and latest technologies for assuring a perfect job every time.

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