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You may have noticed that the complex types of machinery, equipment, devices, and assemblies used for different purposes are developed using multiple parts. For example, a section of a submarine is developed using multiple portions of metals and fibers. However, each of those portions must be developed with the best care and in accordance with the specified shape requirements so that they can easily be assembled into the final product of desired dimensions. This is because any deviation in the size specifications of a submarine could result in water leakage in the final product. For this reason, manufacturers are required to use the best cutting tools to cut these parts to the precise shapes.

Even then, cutting using normal cutters may not be very precise and close enough to the specifications. For this reason, you must use laser cutting machines, where the precise dimensions of the cut jobs are needed. For these requirements, you can contact us at Jimani. We sell fiber laser systems, which use advanced features and technologies. These are developed using the finest internal components and, therefore, very low in maintenance. In addition to the laser cutting devices, we offer a laser part marking machine and other systems, which are very precise and reliable. All the components of our laser marking systems are easily replaceable.

Our systems are wall plug powered and air-cooled, which makes it easier to be used and maintained. Our laser marking/cutting systems are very cost-effective, reliable, and energy efficient. They are compatible with a large variety of applications. You can use them for cutting various types of plastics and non-metallic substances. They are very portable making it easy to move them to various places, as needed. You may experience the intensity of the operation of our laser marking machine and cutting machine using the three-phase power and cooling system. Our laser cutting systems are available in different watt power ranges, which can be purchased per your needs.

Jimani’s mission is to provide quality laser marking systems for applications that are well suited to the equipment and laser marking process. Jimani’s contract marking services have provided the foundation for understanding and optimizing the wide range of laser marking applications and issues that must be addressed by a quality laser marking system. We guarantee our services and uphold ourselves to providing 100% customer satisfaction!

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