JS Benefits Groups Customizes Professional Wellness Plans According To Its Clients

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Newtown, PA – 11/07/17: Streamlining benefits administration according to the preferences of business managers and employees, JS Benefits Group incorporates customization options in its wellness plan services. With a history of proving benefits management services to over 1200 businesses in Pennsylvania, the firm is equipped with the tools and resources that enable its team to design personalized employee wellness programs.

Wellness programs are held in high regard by an organization’s internal workforce, as well its potential employees. With varying generations of individuals with different health goals in one organization, employers are now required to create individualistic wellness plans. Adding a variety of options to their private labeled wellness programs, JS Benefits Group enables clients to fulfill the health needs of different employees.

Commenting on the customization features offered in their wellness program applications, a spokesperson from the firm said, “An employee with great health is an asset to their organization’s productivity and overall morale. We understand the significance of active and consistent employee presence for business managers, which is why we incorporate flexible features in our wellness programs to make sure you can help your employees have a healthy lifestyle. Regardless of your industry, our plans include customization options, with simple-to-use systems that can help your employees remain on track using journals, planners and other tools.”

JS Benefits Group offers technological expertise in its wellness programs, creating mobile-app-based message boards and related incentive systems to enhance employee engagement. Both managers and employees can have 24/7 access to these features on their mobile devices.

“Our wellness programs have shown to lower absenteeism rates in our clients’ organizations,” continued the spokesperson. “Working with hundreds of professionals in various industries, our team has an extensive insight into the nuances of healthy living for working individuals. By combining technology with wellness, we ensure simplification in management of employee activities.”

In addition to wellness programs, JS Benefits Group offers full services for both traditional and non-traditional employee benefits programs. The firm extends its focus towards customization by including voluntary benefits in designing these plans.

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Based in Pennsylvania, employee benefits firm JS Benefits Group offers planning and development services for business wellness programs. The firm offers expertise in designing health benefits policies, and provides complete HR consultancy services.

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