JustCo Global Provides Employees, with Flexible Work Hours, an Easily Accessible Workspace

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Asia’s leading coworking space provider helps businesses and freelance professionals work in comfortable and stylish workspaces.

[ SINGAPORE, 7/17/19] – JustCo believes every kind of employee deserves a workspace where they can work comfortably on any schedule. As such, the premium coworking space provider in Asia provides employees with the flexibility they need to work comfortably in easily accessible workspaces.

Easily Adaptable Workspaces

JustCo's understands that not all employees work on a single schedule. Some companies and freelancers work at odd times of the day or without a fixed schedule.

Knowing this, JustCo seeks to meet its clients' needs through adaptable workspaces that can accommodate their work hours. Clients have the option to choose from hot desks, dedicated desks and exclusive studios that meet their workspace needs. After choosing one of these flexible plans, employees can come in whenever they like and work uninterrupted in one of JustCo's comfortable yet stylish workspaces.

These workspaces help employees become more productive at any time of the day. The coworking space provider ensures they can focus solely on their work by keeping office necessities within reach.

Optimised Workspaces

JustCo eases the lives of employees and freelancers by providing them with optimised workspaces. Aside from sleek and stylish designs, JustCo workspaces ensure every employee has everything they need without stepping out of the building.

Employees and freelancers working at JustCo have full access to its printing facilities, private phone booth, in-house entertainment, and a high speed internet connection. Even during odd work hours and work days, employees can work comfortably within the premises.

About JustCo

JustCo is one of the country’s premier providers of flexible workspaces. It aims to redefine collaborative work through personalised workspaces that boost productivity and creativity. JustCo hosts network events that enable its clientele to make connections and strategic partnerships to expand their ventures.

Visit the JustCo website to find out more about flexible workspaces and networking events.

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