Knokal Launches Innovative Business Marketplace In Australia

 Rodney Kollman

Darlinghurst, Australia; 13, September 2016: It's no secret that some small firms can find it tough to grow. The economy can sometimes hamper the efforts of any growing concern. As such, SMEs have to look at creative ways of marketing and promoting themselves.


The downside to trying different marketing strategies is the cost. Often, a small business cannot afford the vast budgets needed to achieve a return. Today, one website is aiming to connect small businesses together. And it does so without the usual high cost burden!

Knokal is an innovative new Australian B2B marketplace. It's an online platform where small businesses can find both new clients and suppliers. The website is also an online portal that offers more than just the buying and selling of services.

Business interaction in a supportive environment

Knokal is a platform that offers businesses the chance to interact with each other. But, it also does that in a supportive environment. Knokal provides a range of practical tools that can help any small business grow. Those tools allow firms to get educated on the right ways to attract their target markets.

The online platform also allows businesses to create user-generated content. That means SMEs can educate each other by following useful and practical guides on a range of topics.

Knokal allows SMEs to showcase their brands

The main advantage of Knokal is small businesses can promote themselves to other firms. In a sense, Knokal is like a social network exclusively for Australian SMEs.

Businesses that sign up to Knokal create a profile. It gives them the opportunity to talk about who they are and what they do. Plus, they can upload media such as images and video to promote themselves better.

Creating a new profile is both simple and straightforward. The Quick Profile Builder does exactly what it says. Business leaders can use the In-Depth Profile Builder to match their brands to others. The results? They can start a conversation with other firms willing to do business with them.

Potential customers get matched to a profile based on some key factors. For the best results, new users are encouraged to fill in as much detail as possible on their profiles.

Service providers in a raft of industries

When growing any small business, it's crucial to use the right service providers. Knokal offers an environment where one can select from a range of B2B suppliers.

Examples of service providers on Knokal include:

* Accountants;
* Lawyers;
* Copyrighters;
* Virtual assistants;
* Web and graphic designers;
* And more.

In fact, Knokal has expert businesses in hundreds of different industries!

About Knokal:

Knokal is a new online portal for Australian small businesses. The aim of the site is to help those firms engage with one another and grow their businesses together. It offers a variety of help and support. Plus, a marketplace where companies can buy and sell their products and services.

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David Smith
Level 2, 85 William St,
Darlinghurst, NSW, 2204, Australia
Tel: +61 (0)4 5038 7311

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