Know about the costs associated with inventories

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A sales and inventory management system control software allows you to save on costs. In this article, we will learn why it is important that you evaluate if the investment in the software is proportional, compared to the operating costs during this inventory management.

The costs associated with the processes of maintaining an inventory are differentiated, taking into account the nature of the organization and these costs consist of:

The cost of ordering:

Sales inventory management software saves your cost of ordering. The cost of the order is divided into two categories: for the commercial activity and for the productive activity that accounts for all the processes that have to do with assembly or manufacturing.

For commercial activity:

This cost accounts for the processes that must be carried out for the issuance of order. Among these are telephone calls, administrative paperwork expenses, the preparation of formats and to this the intrinsic expenses of the processes are added to request a certain amount of units of a material.

For productive activity:

These expenses account for the processes of manufacturing and assembly of the merchandise and are associated with the processes of enlistment of production runs to this. The logistic process of the transmission of the orders is also known as the concept of the internal customer.

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