Larsen HVAC Avoids R-22, Installs AC Units That Use R410A Refrigerant

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In a drive to help save the environment, Larsen HVAC, a provider of HVAC unit installation, repair, and maintenance service in Salt Lake City, offers air conditioners that use the more environment-friendly R410A refrigerant.

[Eagle Mountain, October 24, 2016] – Homeowners using air conditioning units manufactured before 2010 will face increasingly higher costs, due to the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) ban on the use of the refrigerant R-22. Larsen HVAC, one of the trusted heating and air conditioning companies in Utah, leads the switch, as they offer only units that use the recommended R410A in their AC installation service.

A Move to Environment-Friendly Measures

Older refrigerants manufactured before 2010, such as R-22, can harm the ozone layer. This new knowledge has led top Salt Lake City HVAC companies like Larsen HVAC to offer AC units with R410A refrigerant, which is set to become the most used refrigerant by 2020.

R410A is environment-friendly, as it does not contain any chemicals that can damage the ozone layer. In addition, units with this refrigerant are smaller and therefore more energy efficient, as less amount of R410A is needed compared to R22 when it comes to heat transfer and pressure drop.

More Savings for Homeowners

With the supplies of R22 refrigerant depleting, the demand increases and prices continue to rise, leaving owners of old air conditioners holding the bag.

This switch to R410A refrigerant has made AC units relatively cheaper. In addition, to further help homeowners save money and stay within budgets, Larsen HVAC offers a variety of brands of new air conditioners in various models, sizes, styles, and brands – each installed at competitive pricing.

Their installation service also comes with a Lifetime Workmanship Warranty. “If anything goes wrong in the way the product was installed, we will fix it at no cost,” folks at Larsen HVAC said. “That is simply our way of doing business.”

About Larsen HVAC

Larsen HVAC is an air conditioning, cooling, heating, and gas furnace repair company that caters to the Greater Salt Lake City, Provo, Orem, Lehi, and all of Utah County. Apart from AC installation, they also offer repairs and Indoor Air Quality service. The company has the license, insurance, and factory training for HVAC equipment, as well as Better Business Bureau accreditation. Larsen HVAC is also a Gephardt Approved company.

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