LIMPID Helps Businesses Make Their Mark in the Chinese Digital Market

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"LIMPID Translations helps foreign businesses establish successful enterprises by providing digital marketing strategies and solutions"

Wanchai, Hong Kong—May 21, 2019: China is one of the world’s fastest growing and highly digitized countries. Truly a marvel of technological advancement and digital sophistication, merely the video games market in China will garner $22,784 million in 2019. With an FMCG total spending growing by 2.4% by March 2019, China promises economic growth and businesses success to major companies abroad. LIMPID helps these foreign businesses cement and develop their businesses in China, by bringing them on par with the local ventures.

China ranks second in the Global Revenue Ranking for digital media. In 2019, the revenue generated through digital media is estimated at $28,011 million. In comparison, only the U.S.A. outdoes China and will generate revenue of $46,167 million in 2019. These numbers highlight the fact that China is a fertile land when it comes to the digital arena, and businesses from around the world seek to expand here.

LIMPID helps its foreign clients by offering a combination of relevant services, from web design and mobile app development to professional Mandarin voice over and Chinese language translations. Additionally, LIMPID also provides simplified Chinese copywriting to help attract more customers, helps businesses build a scalable e-commerce platform to present their products to the local consumer better, and offers exclusive online marketing strategies for China, optimizing for Chinese consumers.

A senior executive for LIMPID, while speaking about the Chinese digital market and foreign firms said, “Many foreign businesses that come to us and seek our services already have well-established enterprises in their home countries. The market in China is completely different. The consumers and the search engines, the culture, lifestyle and the language are different. Businesses need to integrate fully into the culture and understand the Chinese customers before they can make a break in the digital marketing arena. We help them do just this by providing scalable digital marketing solutions and strategies.”

According to Forbes, one of the principles of marketing to the “New Chinese Consumer” required a deep understanding of the local culture and preferences; 90% of the respondents affirmed the significance of digital and mobile marketing. The McKinsey Global Institute termed China’s digital economy “a leading global force” and explains in their paper how China’s digital market is a “story of commercial success” for investors; going from more than 1% in the last decade to owning 40% of the worldwide digital market currently.

LIMPID understands the need for foreign businesses to integrate with the local culture and peoples, and extends its services in that regard. Its many services are geared toward grounding businesses firmly in the Chinese digital marketing arena.

About the Company

Based in China, LIMPID offers translation and localization services in the U.S., Mexico, Canada, Hong Kong, and more. LIMPID Translations is a customizable China language and internet services provider. With a team of seasoned professionals on their side, LIMPID promises solutions that are scalable and customizable for ventures looking to expand businesses in China.



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