Major Drawbacks of Outsourcing Web Solutions

 Patrick Cummins
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Outsourcing is common nowadays and its demand has increased over time. There are several benefits that outsourcing offers to the users making these external services essentially a part of the business world today. There are various perks that outsourcing gives like being cost-effective, providing an experienced team to work with, and much more that makes web outsourcing a must for businesses today. Nevertheless, with its benefits, there are some flaws too that it has and here we bring its drawbacks that you need to consider while choosing outsourced web services.

• Security problems

The biggest disadvantage of outsourced web services is having the insecurity of losing confidential data. There are threats of being exposed to a third party, which can be risky for a company’s brand image and loyalty.

• Unwanted costs

Although after hiring a web outsourcing company there are many costs that are reduced, at the same time, there are many hidden expenses involved too. The web outsourcing service requires signing different contracts that demand money and when there is an international contract, it raises threat issues too. Therefore, along with a cost hike, there are threats that come along outsourcing.

• No customer focus

Since in outsourcing, the service provider has to look after the needs of multiple organizations at the same time, there are possibilities that these vendors lose focus on some particular requirements while serving a vast majority of service users. In such situations, with the lack of focus, the business growth is hampered.

• Late deliveries

With outsourcing, there are great chances of service providers not living up to the expectations and resulting in late deliveries of the projects. As they are not established in-house, reaching out to them is also not easy every time.

• No relationships

Knowing employees when we work with them daily is easy, but when outsourcing services, there is no chance of building a relationship with them. A personal relationship with the service providers is hard, as you do not meet the professional expert regularly. However, communication between the vendor and the user always takes place, but physical presence cannot be compared with chats over emails and texts. Nowadays with the advancement in technology, skype facility is also there, but not all users are feasible with it.

• Distance

Outsourcing leads to making the user have less control over the freelancer. As many times, the service provider is from a far off place, so monitoring becomes hectic. You just have to trust them anyway as there is no other way out. This becomes even more miserable when you are paying your outsourced service provider on hours basis. Whereas, if you have an in-house professional who is present physically, many things are sorted automatically.

• Management issues

With certified web outsourcing company, there can be management issues at times. Especially when there is any change in the outsourcing organizations’ rules, things become complicated. Many times with offshore relationship, different languages and cultural differences also bring management issues.

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