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Military Textile Materials Testing Market Analysis and Value Forecast Snapshot by End-use Industry 2

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Description: Developments in the missiles and surveillance technologies are encouraging innovations in individual protection equipment such as military textiles and field related structures and systems. Textiles for military outfits face a multiple challenges. There must be a provision for durability, comfort and protection and also should withstand a wide range of hostile environments. A soldiers mobility, survivability and stamina are closely linked with comfort and fit of their outfit. Military textile materials testing is the technique offered in checking and confirming the quality of military textiles, which adds invaluable benefits to the military sector. Soldiers must dress in such a way that they must feel comfortable; it is therefore of utmost importance that the clothing and associated equipment are compact, durable and of high importance. The major criterion, which the fabrics for military purpose should meet are the physical and camouflage requirements, resistance to various environmental conditions wind, water, heat, fire, battlefield threats and economic conditions. The military textile materials testing market include various tests for thermal insulation, wear comfort and skin sensorial comfort. One of the most prominent features of comfort for military textile materials is the property of thermal comfort, i.e. comfort or discomfort associated with how hot or cold one feels. The military textile materials testing have various properties, which are achieved by various processes in chemical finishing, i.e. certain substances are applied to the surface of the textile fabric where they are retained, not penetrating into the yarn.
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Reprocessed Medical Devices Market: Global Industry
Analysis and Opportunity Assessment 2017-2027
January 2017

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