MMP International is Helping 400+ Children at the Nabembezi Primary School in Uganda Build Excellent Life Skills

 Oran David David

Children living in poverty-stricken areas of the world are deprived of the basic necessities they need to survive and thrive. Missions Made Possible International has taken on the task of helping these children by providing them with basic needs and education, that’ll allow them to break the cycle of poverty and prosper in this world.

According to the World Bank, 19.7% of the Ugandan population is struggling to meet the basic necessities of life. Moreover, access to quality education is extremely difficult for the poor and there are approximately 400,000 children that are out of school in the country.

This non-profit organization is currently working with Daniel Kato, the headmaster of Nabembezi Primary School in Uganda, to educate the 400+ students and help them build better life skills.

A representative of the foundation explained, “More than 100 out of the 400 students at Nabembezi Primary School are orphans; when our founder, Judy Grim, saw the headmaster’s tremendous efforts to help these children in need, she decided that our foundation was going to assist him and his team with the operations of the school.”

At the Nabembezi Primary School, MMPI founder, Judy Grim, along with a volunteer, Richard Dunn, is assisting Mr. Daniel Kato, the headmaster, and his teaching staff conduct classes for the children where they’re taught English, math, and other related classes typical for the grade a child is in.

Moreover, sewing classes are conducted for both, children and adult women. During the agriculture class, children learn to grow their own food. The foundation is also helping the children at Nabembezi Primary School further their art skills by providing them the needed guidance through the art classes.

Parties interested in sponsoring a child or contributing to schools in Uganda can connect with the organization via their official website.

About MMP International

Founded by Judy Grim, Missions Made Possible International is a non-profit organization based in St. Petersburg, Florida striving to help underprivileged children in poverty-stricken areas in the world. The Foundation is currently working on a project to provide quality education to children in Uganda.

Contact Information

Address: PO Box 40381

Saint Petersburg, FL 33710

Phone: (727) 422-2244


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