My Layby Brings A Solid Way to Buy TV in NZ with Zero Hassle

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New Zealand — 20 August 2019: My Layby, a leading online e-commerce outlet in New Zealand, helps people buy top-of-the-shelf TV without spending too much. By making customers spend fewer dollars while they are buying high-tech TVs, this online store has earned market goodwill that is second to none.

However, how does My Layby make it possible to deliver such kind of services where the shoppers do not have to spend an arm and a leg for owning the latest innovations in the world of television landscape? The person who could best answer these and many other similar questions was My Layby’s digital marketing manager, David Rose.

Rose said, “As a store, we always want to make the shopping experience of countless New Zealanders hassle-free to the bone.” For that purpose only, My Layby is selling top-of-the-line products — whether they are TV sets or the latest flagship smartphones — on layby.

Layby is a way of paying for the products you purchase on instalments. But these instalments are not the conventional ones that will come at pocket-unfriendly interest. Instead, these instalments come at zero per cent interest; that fact makes these instalments pocket-friendly.

Rose continued explaining the way layby works and said: “Suppose you want to buy the latest 4K TV on sale in NZ. To be honest, 4K TVs on sale is more of a pipedream. That is where My Layby comes in. This online store has been offering top-rated 4K TVs on layby. Just imagine what it would be like to pay off the purchase for a costly TV in easy-to-pay inatalments — and, mind you, these instalments are very easy to pay because there is no interest involved. That means you have to pay only the principal amount and not any interest.”

That is why more and more New Zealanders make a beeline for My Layby — a dedicated online outlet that has been helping shoppers own highly sophisticated TVs without burning their budget.

Rose concluded by saying, “So, if you really want to enjoy shopping, visit My Layby and change the way you have been shopping so far.”

About My Layby: My Layby is one of the top online stores in New Zealand. This online store brings to the table over 25,000 products ranging from electronic appliances to homeware, fashion & beauty products and whatnot. Visit the store’s website right away and explore its complete range of products to pick the right one for yourself.

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