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National Survey of Enterprises on Training Needs in the Labour Market

 Massimiliano Franceschetti
Description: Cocenptual framework- In Italy, but I should say in Europe, we need new policy to better manage the labour market. The speed of changes in the labour market creates some difficulties in the process of relating the educational system to the new reality. A Growing Need- to collect, assess, formalize and monitor professional and knowledge requirements to address and evolve education and training system to give adequate answers to enterprise and country needs. The Ministry of Labour has faced this problem in order to increase opportunities for employment for people entering the labour market. The Ministry of Labour decided to build up a National system for the observation of skill needs The aim of this system, introduced as part of the institutional reforms in education, vocational education and the labour market, is to monitor changes in the fields of occupation and to better coordinate the educational system with the labour market. The portal is a resource for stakeholders interested in understanding the dynamics and evolutions of occupations in the labour market, in order to define more effective and targeted policies in the areas of employment and training, organizational development and human resources management. The portal is designed to support informed choices by decision makers, as well as VET system, researchers, entrepreneurs, students and workers. This web site is also a part of an integrated information system on the occupations jointly promoted by Isfol and Istat (Italian national bureau of statistics). It is fed by several public bodies that produce or deliver information and quantitative data on occupations, for example Istat (labour force), Ministry of Labour (supply and demand in the employment market "Cliclavoro web site"), Unioncamere (employment forecast in the short term), Inail (accidents in the workplace), Regions (observatories of the labour market and training) Information can be consulted starting from the pages where the occupational units (800) are described. The 800 occupational units represent the whole italian economy.
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Contributing Organization: ISFOL
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“Presentation of the results
of the first national survey
among enterprises on training needs
in the labour market”
case study Italy – the experience ISFOL

“Mechanism to identify training needs in the labour market”
peer learning activity on EQAVET indicator 9
Roma, Palazzo Rospigliosi, 11 dicembre 2014

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