Norley E. Castaneda Offers 24/7 Consultation and Effective Results for Criminal and DWI Charges in Suffolk County

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Attorneys from the Law Offices of Norley E. Castañeda specialize in DWI charges and other traffic violations in Suffolk County

Suffolk County, NY—8/25/19: Suffolk County residents who face criminal charges, specifically traffic violations such as DWI and speeding charges, often seek professional legal guidance. The best course of action, in the event of an arrest over said charges, is speedy legal support, which the Law Offices of Norley E. Castañeda extend in the county. Using their years of expertise and knowledge in the field, their relationships with prosecutors, court staff, and courthouses, they are able to negotiate even the trickiest courtroom proceedings.

The driving principle behind the Law Offices of Norley E. Castañeda is delivery of effective results achieved through a commitment to each and every case. Suffolk County is notorious for DWI alcohol, known for more men arrested on DWI charges than in any other NY county.

Arrests are followed by extended interrogations, jail terms, trials and court proceedings, and bails. At times, due to a refusal to provide samples for chemical tests, the issue is exacerbated. Legal guidance, especially from experienced attorneys, is the only workable option most people have.

The Offices of Norley E. Castañeda have a promising track record in court proceedings and in negotiating. Their local knowledge and arsenal of ever-growing legal learning further fortify their reputation as a leading legal force in Suffolk County. Located in Central Islip, attorneys from the Offices of Norley E. Castañeda work day in and day out in local courthouses, well-acquainted with the intricacies of the job, and successfully negotiating DWI cases for their clients.

Speaking on the issue, a senior spokesperson for the Offices of Norley E. Castañeda said, “DWI cases are particularly troublesome for younger people who are arrested and booked. They’re easily intimidated by the interrogation, and may even start panicking after the mug shot. They’re told they have to appear in court, that they’ll lose their driver’s license, that there’s a fine, and that they’ll go to jail. It happens so fast that young adults, especially those who are being arrested for their first DWIs, are easily flustered. And it’s when they’re flustered that they make mistakes—mistakes that we specialize in solving and setting right.”

An additional asset that the Offices of Norley E. Castañeda use to further their cases and to cater to a larger demographic is their fluency in Spanish. Their bilingual skills help them fraternize better with clients, and makes the court proceedings generally more successful. The firm provides 24/7 consultation.

About Norley E. Castañeda

Norley E. Castañeda is a criminal defense lawyer based in Suffolk County, NY. With over 10 years of experience defending criminal charges, her specialties include personal injury, DUIs and DWIs, criminal defense, and traffic violations such as speeding, etc. The Law Offices of Norley E. Castañeda have a team of dedicated and skilled lawyers who use their bilingual skillset to extend their legal support to a larger base.


Address: 320 Carleton Avenue Suite 2300, Central Islip, Suffolk County, NY 11772

Phone: (516) 286-3486


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