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Includes Thorough Listings on 4000+ Funds Searchable for FREE

CITY, ST, APR 3, 2015 – Finding information to be able to research hedge funds just became easy and free. Online financial news portal Octa Finance (www.octafinance.com), announces the launch of their new first of its kind completely FREE Hedge Funds Database which includes more than 4000+ institutional investors. Each investor has a page that shows their portfolios, changes and vast amounts of more information.

Used by professional traders, portfolio managers, value and activist investors, analysts, retail traders, and individuals, Octa Finance allows them to monitor, be up to date on, and improve their investment and trading decisions, while spending less time on research, testing and, web research. The database aggregates the security holdings by type and name while also calculating many nowhere else seen metrics. Lightning fast, people may browse or sort funds by employees, clients, AUM, portfolio values or state.

“We are excited to be able to offer this information,” stated a high level Octa Finance spokesperson. “While there are many other databases available that are similar, none offers what we are making available for the first time ever as a free searchable database.”

Octa Finance believes that asking the right questions is critical. They try to track all the relevant data sources for the companies and industries they follow with a focus on underutilized nontraditional sources. This first of its kind database is a furthering of that mission.

Having this type of information available for free allows anyone to be able to search for information on a particular fund, not just research analysts and financial journalists. That allows investors more freedom of choice when choosing funds or knowledge when speaking with their investment advisors.

Octa Finance insight is provided by investors and industry experts rather than sell-side analysts. Users can rest assured that the information in the newly launched database is unbiased.

For more information, visit www.octafinance.com.


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