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Online shopping is fun as it lets you purchase products online without having to go out of your house, drive through the heavy traffic only to go in the mall and stay in the queue for the next 20 minutes then having to go through the heavy traffic again just to buy something that you need. With online shopping, you will be able to avoid all that hassle by just completing the task with the use of your phone or computer--your needs and wants just only a few tap or clicks away! However, just like with anything in life, there is a good side and a bad side to it, if you are quite new to the world of online shopping, it is best that you learn the dangers of online shopping.

  • The dangers of shopping online

It is quite known and popular how some people have shelled out money for an item that they saw and fell in love with online, expecting it to come days after, and yet the result just revealed itself that they have just been scammed--them shelling out money all for nothing. It is really disappointing when such a thing happens however, there are indeed some products or services we need to and can only purchase online, therefore, in order to avoid a similar situation from ever happening again, it is best to read online reviews regarding the preferred business establishment and to really know if it is legit and can be trusted with monetary transactions.

Another problem that can come with online transactions is purchasing products from online boutique clothing wherein the reliability of how true to its size the posted indications are as there are times wherein the indicated 2X is actually smaller in real life once you have it on hand. While some online boutique clothing shops do their best to attend to their customers’ needs and correct the mistakes such as popular websites like Eloquii, Monif C., Macy’s, Nordstorm, Ashley Stewart, and as well as Buy Curvy. Some websites, however, do not cater to these instances.

  • How to distinguish a legit website

First step that you can take is to check out the reviews online made by various customers. It is okay if you find out a few negative reviews as it can be really hard for business establishments to please everybody. Check the Google and Facebook reviews and sort out how satisfied they are with the business’ products and services, however, be wary of the reviews posted on the establishment’s website itself as they tend to filter out the public’s opinion of them to create a good public relation.

Another way to find out is by making sure that the business establishment has other platforms of advertising their products on the internet such as through Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. When you go to their website, you should have no problems in clicking on their social media icons, it should direct you immediately to their accounts without showing a 404 Error page. You should also be able to observe if they truly interact with their customers by answering their concerns that they post through comments on the posts and photos.

Examples of websites following the right protocol are Eloquii, Monif C.,Just My Size, Lane Bryant, Torrid, City Chic, Mod Cloth, Target, eShakti, Mei Smith, Macy's, Kionna, fullbeauty, ASOS, Old Macy, Forever 21, Nordstorm, Talbot, Gap, Ashley Stewart, and Buy Curvy.

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