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Business Vision Structure Behavior and Process

 Witold Rekuc PhD
Description: “We should be the leading supplier of office equipment and supplies. We should offer customers attractive solutions and good value for their money. By not going through a retailer, we cut the sales expenses. Integrating our sales processes with our customers’ purchase processes results in highly efficient communication and delivery. To be able to integrate these processes, we must provide several interfaces, such as Internet, e-mail, FTP, telephone, and fax. We can integrate further by offering additional services such as inventory tracking and automatic purchasing."
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Domain: Business
Category: Management
Contributing Organization: Wroclaw University
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7. Business views (2/3h)

7.1. Business views as business architecture
7.2. Business vision view
7.3. Business process view
7.4. Business structure view
7.5. Business behavior view

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Business Object Modeling


7.1. Business views as business architecture


Vision View

Process View

Structure View

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