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e-Commerce & Smart Logistics: Building The Right Digital Foundation

 Derek Edmond
Description: What does the international online environment look like, Globally, and in the Americas?:- Adoption & Usage Metrics in Key Markets:- Argentina: 80% internet penetration, 62% have active social media accounts, 141% with mobile connections; 48% use social via mobile–Top Social Media Profiles: Facebook, WhatsApp, Google+, and Twitter, E-commerce: 71% used PC for research & 50% purchased / 24% purchased via mobile device (in a 30 day timeframe).
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E-Commerce & Smart
Logistics: Building The
Right Digital Foundation

Derek Edmond • Managing Partner • @DerekEdmond
Presentation: http://komarketing.com/alabama2016

Derek Edmond

Managing Partner • @DerekEdmond

@KoMarketing – Online Marketing
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Boston, MA
Derek Edmond • Managing Partner • @DerekEdmond
Presentation: http://komarke ... See more

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