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Monetary Policy and the Firm: Some Empirical Evidence

 Saleem Bahaj, Angus Foulis, Gabor Pinter, Paolo Surico
Description: To circumvent this issue, archived data sampled at a six monthly frequency to capture information when it was first published (similar to Kalemli-Ozcan et al. 2015)
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Domain: Business
Category: Management
Monetary Policy and the Firm: Some Empirical Evidence1
Saleem Bahaj

Angus Foulis

Gabor Pinter

Paolo Surico

Bank of England; London Business School

January 2018

1 The views expressed are those of the presenter and not necessarily those of the Bank of
England, the MPC, the FPC or PRC.
Bahaj-Foulis-Pinter-Surico (BoE; LBS)

Monetary Policy and the Firm


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