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Supply Chain Finance Innovation in Trade and Distribution Industry

 Winnie Lo
Description: Today, an increasing number of distribution companies are seeking to transform themselves into integrated logistics and service providers, so as to overcome the pressing challenges of disintermediation. Nowadays, many manufacturers do not possess strong logistics capabilities/know-how nor own any advanced logistics facilities. This provides an opportunity for distribution companies with advanced logistics capabilities. They can offer speedy distribution services and financing solutions to both upstream and downstream customers.
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Category: Management
Maxims of Tech: Rules of Engagement for a Fast Changing Environment
Supply Chain Finance (III)

Supply Chain Finance Innovation in
Trade and Distribution Industry
The Li & Fung Management Book Series
Winnie Lo
Management Theories and Business Models
March 2016


Capabilities of modern distribution companies
Supply chain operations capabilities
Reflects in the performance of various
aspects of distribution logistics

Relationship building capabilities
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Winnie Lo
21 February, 2017
Winnie Lo
20 February, 2017
Winnie Lo
27 May, 2016