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Building E-Commerce Applications and Infrastructure

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Description: This case demonstrates that there is more to building an EC application than choosing a development technique and creating content. Once Campmor initiated its EC application project, it selected an outsourcer to build a custom-made application. Critical to the project was the need to make the site easily navigable by customers so they can easily purchase products. To achieve this, it was necessary for the company—an early adopter of e-commerce—to obtain the continued cooperation from the external developer of the EC application. This case also demonstrates that developing a good EC application often requires an ongoing relationship with a development partner that offers a diverse set of services. All these issues and a few related ones are the subject of this chapter.
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Part 7: Application Development


Learning Objectives

Helping Customers Navigate the Web Site
and Increase Sales at Campmor
19.1 Major E-Commerce Applications
and Their Functionalities
19.2 A Five-Step Approach to Developing
an E-Commerce Landscape
19.3 Development Options for E-Commerce
19.4 Criteria for Selecti ... See more

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