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Business & Marketing: Marketing, Value Added and Value Chain

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Description: The value chain in agriculture is a set of actors, activities, and services that bring a basic agricultural product from the field to the final consumption. Every stage of the chain usually adds value to the product (making it more valuable). Traditional agricultural value chains are directed by spot markets involving a large number of small sellers and buyers. The modern value chain is a complex chain involving vertical coordination, supply base consolidation, agro-industrial processing and use of standards throughout the chain.
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Domain: Business
Category: Sales & Marketing
Business & Marketing :
Marketing, Value Added and Value Chain

Lesson 5:
Advancing Women’s Participation in the
Agricultural Value Chains

Learning Objectives

What is value chain
Traditional vs. modern value chain
What is value chain analysis
Actors in the value chain
Women in the value chain
Steps to conduct a value chain analysis
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16 February, 2017

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