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Power of Wordpress Blogging by John Pereless

 John Pereless
Description: This blog post describes best part on Wordpress blogging and it's advantage over other existing CMS tools. John Pereless express the detailed info on how one could get advantage using CMS over traditional website development from the scratch and can achieve the best features and functionality using the same!
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How to utilize the power of Wordpress CMS
Before moving towards Wordpress, let us first understand the basics of CMS. A CMS [Content
Management System] is a built in website page developer that provides facilities to the webmaster
or website administrator to create web pages directly from back-end of the system without any
code interaction or code rewriting. Hence a CMS is a platform for web admin ... See more

Project Management by John Pereless

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John Pereless
26 January, 2015

What is Chromecast by John Pereless

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John Pereless
13 January, 2015

Top File Sharing Resources by John Pereless

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John Pereless
22 December, 2014