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Payment Scale Economies, Competition, and Pricing

 David Humphrey
Description: Payment Scale Economies, Competition, and Pricing, Main Points, Percent Changes, Usual Approach to Scale Measurement: Flow to Stock, Flow to Flow, Translog/Fourier Cost Function, Translog, Fourier, Predicted Unit Payment Cost, Translog Payment and Service Delivery Scale Economies, Total "Simple Sum" Versus Realized Scale Economies, Competition, Standard Measures of Competition, Main problem, Our Approach, Industrial Organization Literature, Bank Revenues, Operating Costs, Two Equation SUR Model
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Payment Scale Economies, Competition, and Pricing

ECB-DNB Conference on Retail Payments May, 2009

David Humphrey Florida State University, USA

Main Points
1. Traditional banking scale economies are small (cost elasticity .95) when total cost (a flow) is regressed on assets/loans (a stock). Regressing operating cost (a flow) on payment transactions (a flow) shows large scale effects (at .27). ... See more

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