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Dynamics CRM

 Larry Betz, Greg Lief
Description: During today’s webinar, participants will learn about: Features and new capabilities in Dynamics CRM 2015 New integrations and changes to the User Interface, Technical considerations of upgrading, Best practices for planning your Dynamics CRM 2015 on-premise or online upgrade. 1 – Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Engage with customers on a one-to-one basis across a range of channels, enabling you to demonstrate the impact of your marketing investments in real-time. Email Editor, Campaign Management Console, Integrated Social Listening, Sales Collaboration, Marketing, Resource Management. 2 – Enhanced Business Processes : Have you ever wished that you could build branching logic into your Business Process Flows? CRM 2015 allows you to create branching rules and the ability to combine multiple conditions within a rule. Think of the possibilities! 3 – Enhanced Mobile Sales: CRM 2015 will allow users to create drafts offline that can easily be synchronized when the user is back online. Additionally, all dashboards can now be enabled for a tablet. 4 – Enhanced Business Rules: No need to create multiple business rules for a single logical process. Business rules can now contain If / Then logic and the ability to combine expressions using And / Or. 5 - Search: Search in CRM 2015 across different record types or configure specific fields on your preferred entities. Simply enter your search criteria in the general navigation search bar and let CRM do the searching for you. 6 – Security Enhancements: Allow managers to access records for their direct reports based on Hierarchy across the organization. 7 - Outlook and Sync Enhancements: Multiple phone and address fields are available for field level syncing. Users can add notes to a contact and prevent it from being synced with CRM. Fields that are synced will be flagged so there is no need to guess which fields will be visible in CRM.
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Contributing Organization: Armanino LLP.
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ArmaninoLLP Welcomes You To Today’s Webinar:
Preparing For Dynamics CRM 2015
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Larry Betz
Director, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Practice, Armanino
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