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When Marketing Through Social Media, Legal Risks Can Go Viral

 Melissa Landau Steinman, Mikhia Hawkins
Description: This business presentation is about When Marketing Through Social Media, Legal Risks Can Go Viral - The exponential rise in popularity of social networking websites and other social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and individual blogs, is due in large part to their viral nature. Social networking sites are essentially self-promoting, in that users spread the word for the sites. The more quickly social networking sites grow, the more quickly they spread. The viral quality of social media makes it an appealing way for businesses to market products and services, and marketers have long recognized and tapped the potential of social media outlets. Many advertisers have conducted consumer promotions involving social media to generate attention to and participation in their promotions, thereby maximizing brand exposure. Incorporating social media into a marketing campaign is not, however, without legal risks. Companies utilizing the power of social media must be cognizant of the relevant legal issues in order to protect themselves from liability risks. It is of the utmost importance for companies to protect their own trademarks and copyrights when using social media to promote their brands. A company’s brands and other intellectual property are often nearly as valuable as the products or services that they offer. Social media’s capacity to facilitate informal and impromptu communication – oftentimes on a real-time basis – can aid companies in promoting their brands and disseminating copyrighted material, but it can also facilitate third-party abuse of a business’ trademarks and copyrights. When using social media, whether via a third party outlet or a company’s own social media platforms, marketers should regularly monitor the use of their trademarks and copyrights. Companies should monitor their own social media outlets as well as third-party. social media platforms to ensure that their intellectual property is not being misused by those providing content through the media outlets. Internet monitoring and screening services are available to monitor the use of your business’ marks and copyrights on third-party sites, including checking social media sites for profile or user names that are identical or substantially similar to your company’s name or brands. This form of business impersonation can damage a company’s brand and reputation if left unchecked; such monitoring can also serve as a positive indicator of business success.
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When Marketing Through
Social Media, Legal Risks
Can Go Viral




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Melissa Landau Steinman
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Mikhia Hawkins
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