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Semantic Computing, Law, Legal Reasoning, and Legal Practice

 Kevin D. Ashley
Description: Intersection of Semantic Computing, Challenges relating semantics of computational content, e-Discovery, Pretrial discovery in lawsuits, litigators’ hypotheses about relevance, Relevance hypotheses, Elicit litigators’ relevance hypotheses in iterative user modeling procedure, iterative user modeling of relevance hypotheses, Emerging techniques to relate computational content semantics to users’ intentions in e-discovery, Enron email social network, Email categorization with machine learning
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Domain: Business
Category: IP/Law
Challenges at the Intersection of Semantic Computing with Law, Legal Reasoning, and Legal Practice

Kevin D. Ashley
Professor of Law and Intelligent Systems Senior Scientist, Learning Research and Development Center University of Pittsburgh ashley@pitt.edu

ICSC 2010

Copyright Kevin D. Ashley. 2010


Intersection of semantic computing with law, legal reasoning, and legal practice...

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