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Creating Green Jobs for Economic Development

 Green Jobs Leadership Council
Description: Paper is about Green Jobs leadership council. About Defining Moment, Lessons from the Past, Green Global & National Economy, Green Jobs Leadership Council, Green Job Council initiatives. Discussation about What is a Green Job? Current Green Jobs Situation in San Antonio, Opportunity Analysis Overview, Energy Sector Cyber Security, Solar Hot Water, Electric Vehicles (EV), Key Findings and Conclusions, Creating Green Jobs, Components of a Successful Green Economy.
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Domain: Business
Category: Social Innovation
San Antonio City Council "B" Session August 4, 2010

A Defining Moment
"Every once in a generation, there comes a fundamental economic shift that provides for terrific opportunities for cities that are willing to go out there and grab them. And today, that opportunity lies in our green economy." Mayor Julian Castro, Opening of the Mission Verde Center @ Cooper, January 25, 2010

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