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Beyond the Recession: Preparing for New Market Models

 Monica E. Oss
Description: Economic Turbulence, Emerging Market Model For Service Providers in the Child Welfare System, For Serving Consumers With Disabilities, Mental Health & Addiction Treatment Provider Organizations, Practice Management System Requirements, Improving Cost Management, Improving Consumer Preference, Product Life Cycle Analyzes, Critical Dimensions Of Strategic Management
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Domain: Business
Category: Social Innovation
Beyond the Recession: Preparing for New Market Models
Recession & B R i Beyond E d Executive B i fi S i ti Briefing Series

Presented by Monica E. Oss E Oss, Chief Executive Officer, OPEN MINDS


Economic Turbulence Brings Lasting Restructuring To All Markets
> Regulatory relief � licensure accreditation etc licensure, accreditation, etc. > New financing mod ... See more

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