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Entrepreneurs versus Intrapreneurs

 Mark English, Mark Wetzel, Beth Knott, Dustin Branham
Description: Entrepreneurs are people that notice opportunities and take the initiative to mobilize resources to make new goods and services. Intrapreneurs also notice opportunities and take initiative to mobilize resources, however they work in large companies and contribute to the innovation of the firm. Intrapreneurship: Learning organizations encourage intrapreneurship. Organizations want to form- Product Champions: people who take ownership of a product from concept to market, Skunkworks: a group of intrapreneurs kept separate from the rest of the organization, New Venture Division: allows a division to act as its own smaller company, Rewards for Innovation: link innovation by workers to valued rewards.
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Domain: Business
Category: Entrepreneurial
Contributing Organization: University of Kentucky
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Mark English
Mark Wetzel
Beth Knott
Dustin Branham


What is an entrepreneur?
Characteristics of an entrepreneur
Planning to be an entrepreneur
Growth pressures, managing a family
business, and corporate

Entrepreneurs V.

Entrepreneurs are people that notice
opportunities ... See more

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