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Venture Capital 101 - A Primer on Venture Capital

 Robert Adelson, Kristen Albright, Louis Berneman, Matt Cohen, William Harrington, Bryce Istvan, John
Description: Vc Fund Organization Basics: are- GENERAL PARTNERS (GPs). GPs are the “Venture Capitalists” and they raise the capital from LPs, manage the funds, and make investment decisions. GPs are assisted by Principals, VCs, Associates, and Analysts who do the ‘heavy lifting’.VENTURE CAPITAL FUND. GPs raise a fund from Limited Partners (investors) based on a unique strategy, expertise in a sector, investment track record. Fundraising takes months to a year plus LIMITED PARTNERS (LPs). LPs provide capital as needed (capital calls). Typical venture LPs include Insurance Companies, Endowments, Pensions, and High Net Worth Individuals. 5-10% of a portfolio is allocated to alternative investments, including venture, which illiquid, risker assets with higher return potential.
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Domain: Business
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Contributing Organization: Cornell University
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Venture Capital 101
A Primer on Venture Capital

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