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Exploring Entrepreneurship for Your Region

Description: Entrepreneurship should not be the economic development strategy of last resort. A Few Definitions- Entrepreneur: Person whose goal is to create or capitalize on new economic opportunities through innovation. Entrepreneurship: Process through which entrepreneurs create and grow enterprises. Entrepreneurial Community: Community where significant economic and social entrepreneurial activity exists within an effective system of public and private support. Entrepreneurship Development: Policies and practices (public and private) that foster entrepreneurship.
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Domain: Business
Category: Entrepreneurial
Contributing Organization: SRDC
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Exploring Entrepreneurship
for Your Region

Reflecting on the Previous Sessions
What characteristics of the region led to
your interest in cultivating
entrepreneurship as an economic
development strategy?

What regional clusters do you hope to
advance with entrepreneurship

Goal for this Session
Explore the tools and
resources necessary to
develop an action plan to
enhance regional
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