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he Blockchain (R)evolution

 Daniel Kobler PhD, Markus Koch, Jan Seffinga
Description: Blockchain technology is very much a trending topic, and Deloitte Switzerland is pleased to be able to give you an insight into it with this publication. We herein focus on how Blockchain is seen by the Swiss market, which offers the Blockchain community huge potential as a place in which this technology can be developed and used, of which the prominence of Zug’s Crypto Valley provides the most convincing evidence.
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The Blockchain (R)evolution –
The Swiss Perspective
White Paper
February 2017

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The Blockchain (R)evolution – The Swiss Perspective

Summary 06
1. What is Blockchain?
1.1 Technology on trend
1.2 The value of trust
1.3 Sample applications
1.3.1 Bitcoin
1.3.2 Smart contracts
2. Blockchain and the ... See more

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