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The Challenges of Starting a Business

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Description: Like BTIO, many entrepreneurial ventures are based on innovative ideas. Others are improvements on already existing goods or services. Howard Shultz formed Starbucks to reinvent the coffee experience—to provide customers with quality coffee in a tranquil atmosphere. Michael Dell improved the process of selling computers by eliminating distributors and retail stores and selling directly to the customer. Do you ever wonder what it would be like to start your own business? Do you ever think that someday you might be an entre-preneur—maybe even an extremely successful entrepreneur like Tom Anderson or Chris DeWolfe, founders of MySpace, the Juice Guys (Nantucket Nectars founders Tom Scott and Tom First), or Pierre Omidyar, who started eBay?
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The Challenges
of Starting
a Business
After studying this
chapter, you will be
able to:

1 Define entrepreneurship and identify the reasons some
individuals become entrepreneurs.
2 Describe the importance of small businesses to the U.S.
economy and identify the industries in which small
businesses are concentrated.
3 Explain wha ... See more

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