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Quality of Life as the edge for attracting the best employees to small businesses

Description: SME leaders believe their companies perform as well or better than large corporations in key Quality of Life aspects.There is clear correlation between an SME’s perceived attractiveness as an employer and the level of Quality of Life provided at work. The average response scores, including all countries, vary by just 0.2 of a percentage point between the two subjects.
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Domain: Business
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Contributing Organization: Sodexo
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Sodexo Benefits and Rewards Services is a key partner
of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) around the world.

In order to better understand their daily challenges
and how they view Quality of Life in the workplace,
we interviewed more than 4,800 small business leaders*
in 7 countries (Brazil, Chile, France, India, Mexico,
Romania and Turkey).
Our survey results unveil key levers SMEs can use to ... See more
25 August, 2017