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Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

 David Zilberman
Description: Entrepreneurship:- Entrepreneurs make things happen- They are individuals who take a concept and convert it into a reality. A product, policy or institution. They become the champions of a new process, and they are engines of change.Entrepreneurship occurs in all areas of life. In business, academy, government and Ngos. Entrepreneurs are everywhere, in Wall street and the Sahel. Entrepreneurship can be used for good and evil. The Godfather was an entrepreneur that misused his talent.
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Domain: Business
Category: Entrepreneurial
Contributing Organization: University of California
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Technology, Innovation,
and Entrepreneurship
David Zilberman
Department of Agricultural
and Resource Economics
University of California, Berkeley

Presentation Outline
On entreprenuership and marketing
The innovation process
Intellectual property rights
University research and technology transfer
Intellectual property rights and development
Technology adoption and diffusion
Marketing and adoption ... See more

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