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Blockchains in competition law - friend or foe?

 Michael Ristaniemi, Klaudia Majcher
Description: Blockchain (aka distributed ledger) technology is inherently neither pro- nor anticompetitive.[1] It however does have the potential to be both. Given the significance of this emerging technology, the competition law impacts of blockchain are worthy of exploration.
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Blockchains in competition law –
friend or foe?
Kluwer Competition Law Blog
July 21, 2018
Michael Ristaniemi (Metsä Group) and Klaudia Majcher (Institute for European
Studies, Vrije Universiteit Brussel)
Please refer to this post as: Michael Ristaniemi and Klaudia Majcher, ‘Blockchains
in competition law – friend or foe?’, Kluwer Competition Law Blog, July 21 2018,
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