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Role of Venture Capital in Market Exploitation

 Jean-Francois Boisson
Description: It exists continuous flow of innovation, standardization, requirements but A product is an instantiation of all of these at a certain time. It is uncertain that all R&T enter in products. Venture Capital: VC are managing an amount of money (fund) with rules of investments. A fund lasts about 5 to 7 years and at the end, the VC should reimburse investors with profit? VC are managing companies and take care of all dimensions: Opex, Growth funding, Mgt. VC manage a portfolio of opportunities: profits generation and risk reduction.
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« Role of Venture Capital in Market Exploitation »
Jean-François Boisson
Prague, November 2013,Thursday 28th

Go to market,a very large set of actions


Handle and protect strategic


Sell and export

Prepare your company to go to markets

Industrialize and manufacture

Technical assistance and s ... See more

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