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The Details of Business Plans and Elevator Pitches

 Nathan M. Wilson Ph.D. M.B.A.
Description: Business Plans – Past, Present, and Future: - Coming up with creative ideas is easy; selling them to strangers is hard.” Historically, entrepreneurs who wanted to found a business would start by writing a business plan. Defined ventures proposed strategy. The go-to-market strategy & operational models needed for strategy. Financial forecasts, risks, and invest plans. Business plans are much less common today. In the mid-1990s, most VC firms required a formal biz plan. May still be required by certain investors. More common inside of “large” companies. The evidence is mixed on how much value is created by writing a detailed traditional business plan.
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Category: Entrepreneurial
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February 22, 2016
Nathan M. Wilson, Ph.D., M.B.A.
Anderson School of Management

• Overview
• Business Plan Details
• Elevator Pitches

• Bonus Material
• Business Model Canvas, Value Proposition Canvas, Environment Map
• Industry Analysis
• Blue Ocean Strategy

“Classical View”: Where does the Business Pl ... See more

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