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AI in Europe How could society and economy make the best of this revolution?

 Cecile Huet PhD
Description: European AI-on-demand platform mobilising the European AI community to support businesses and sectors in accessing expertise, knowledge, algorithms and tools to successfully apply AI thereby generating market impact.
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Domain: Business
Category: Entrepreneurial
Maxims of Tech: Rules of Engagement for a Fast Changing Environment
AI in Europe
How could the EC help European
society and economy to make
the best of this revolution?
=> H2020 - ICT-26-2018-2020 – Artificial
Cécile Huet, PhD
Deputy Head of Unit A1
Robotics & AI
European Commission

Work Programme topic
1. What are you looking for?

AI in Europe
Issue 1: Scattered European S&T excellence
Issue 2: Huge investment abroad
Issue 3: AI pot ... See more

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