Australian Permanent Residency Visa Points Calculation In 2014

Australian Permanent Residency Visa Points Calculation In 2014

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Description: Australian permanent residency visa is among one of the most demanded visa program. This visa let migrant to stay in Australia indefinitely. Australian immigration department follows point system.

You can assess your chances gaining visa by just calculating your points in PR visa points calculator. This is the best way to know your chances of clearing visa process.

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Australian Permanent Residency Visa Points 
Calculation In 2014

 Australian permanent residency visa is a dream visa for those who want

to stay and work in Australia permanently. This visa let visa holder to
enjoy various Australian facilities. There are many other visas through
which one can apply for Australian immigration but this program is
among one of the most demanded visa.

Australian permanent visa holder let holder to stay in Australia indefinitely.
One can only apply for permanent visa after you have lived in Australia for 2
years in a specified regional area and worked including being self-employed
for one year in the same area, or obtain sponsorship under regional
sponsored migration scheme.

Qualifying visa consist of various steps which. Australia’s department of
immigration and citizenship operates point system. Under this system points
are awarded various aspects of applicant such as skills, qualification,
language, occupation, adaptability etc.

So to qualify your visa process you need points. If you want to assess your
own chances of gaining permanent residency visa for Australia then point
calculator is a good way to see how many points you might get.

There are many point calculators you will find on internet. You are required
to answer some question by selecting answers from the drop down menus
and at the end your total points will appear at the foot of the page.

Australia opens its door mainly for skilled, talented, young and qualified
people who have good English skills especially those who can offer
something to Australia. This is a very selective process. For those without
skills, and are old and who do not speak good English, the answer for them
is certainly “no”.

So now let’s how point calculator work•

Age- the basic requirement is that you must be under the age of 50. But if
you are between age of 18 to 25 the points you can earn is 25, if you are
between 25 to 32 you will gain 30 points, if you are between 40 to 44 you
will gain 15 points and if you are between 45 to 49 you will gain 0 points.
Command on English- your language skills are assessed during IELTS.
There are 4 parts of this test reading, speaking, listening and writing. The
maximum points you can gain in this section od point system is superior20 points, proficient- 10 points, competent- 0 points.

Skills- if your skill is listed in Skilled Occupation list or your job needs to
be on the State/Territory nominated skilled list you can gain maximum
10 points under this section.
Work experience- work experience in nominated skill can let you gain
extra points. If your work experience is from overseas you will gain: 3
years- 5 points, 5 years- 10 points, 8 years- 15 points.
Qualification- doctorate degree- 20 points, bachelor degree- 15 points,
Australian diplomat or trade qualification- 10 points maximum points you
can gain in this section.
There is one more section under which you can gain extra points. You can
always gain extra points in immigration process. You can easily calculate
your points for Australian permanent residency visa point’s calculation in

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