Jewelry String and Wires to Suit Your Every Jewelry Design

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Jewelry designing is an art perfected by only a few. If you want to design jewelry, you must have a basic set of tools and equipment ready. The tools include bead boards, cutters, books, glue, needles, pliers, etc. But what will hold those beads together? Strings and wires! So, you need to make sure you purchase these accessories too.

Jewelry strings are threads made of different materials used to align all the gems and beads together. Some of the materials used for making a jewelry string are waxed cotton, jute, natural hemp, suede cords, leather, nylon, silk, silamide etc. You can get different color options as well. They tend to be pliable and soft, great for knotting, looming and working with different types of beads. It is important to know which string will suit your design. Many strings are machine made. You can string a simple bead necklace or a bracelet very easily. Stringing beads is one of the most basic and easiest beading techniques. Glossy and robust, some strings have extra-strong fibers with special stretch tension.

Another accessory you must have is jewelry wire. A wire is a stringing material made from metal. It is often used for weaving, wire-wrapping, creating coils, making findings, making jump rings and more. Wires of different diameters are readily available. The different metals used to make them are copper, aluminum, niobium, and precious metals like gold, silver, Argentium etc. These sets of tools can be purchased easily online.

At Kamaltrading Co, Inc. online store, you can get every required jewelry string and wires. They sell wires made in different shapes, like round, half round, and square. You can find a wire conversion chart on the website to correctly evaluate the quantity you require. Different wires and strings available are artistic strings, Beadalon, elastic, French wire, memory wire, silk cards and wild fire. All of them are available from a gauge range of 14 to 28. An amazing collection of Swarovski crystals, stringing materials and tools is also available.

Explore their website today to shop for all your jewelry making requirements. This online store offers a wide range of cost-effective products, organized in different categories. The E-catalogue will be very helpful.

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