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April 3, 2018- Today Universe babies launches its adjustable baby pillow on Amazon. To celebrate the Launch they have an amazing sale going on.

To purchase this product at a highly discounted price, please visit the Amazon Store.

This pillow is currently only available at amazon in the USA and will soon make its reach into Canada. It will make your infant baby drift into a peaceful sleep at home or during traveling as it supports their head while they rest.

There has been a number of accidents where infants have rolled off of the diaper-changing table, and this pillow protects your child and helps to keep them on their backs.

The soft pillow is mainly for parents to provide their babies a safe, restful sleep throughout infancy; you can use it while your baby is in the crib to reduce the chances they roll onto their sides and bellies.

If you are the kind of parent that loves your child to be comfortable all the time with no hassle whatsoever or you just want to give a loved one a unique baby shower gift, this pillow is just for you.


  • Comfortable: Their pillow is perfect for infants because it is so soft, supportive and comfy, making their sleep serene and peaceful.

  • Fitting: The pillows have adjustable sides to match nearly any situation. Try it on the diaper-changing table for comfortable-safe-support, on the floor, in the crib or even for safer co-sleeping with your baby.

  • Malleable: With an organic hypoallergenic Buckwheat Hull filling. You can shape the pillow with your hands to your babies head.

  • Washable: The two sets of covers on the pillow are washable. The Buckwheat Hull filling is not washable and with proper care can last beyond 10 years.

  • Organic cotton cover and organically grown, hypoallergenic buckwheat filling; optional color choice of pink or blue pillow for your newborn infant baby boy or girl.

  • Satisfaction guaranteed: Their blue and pink newborn infant baby pillow set is backed by their manufacturer 30 day money back guarantee with a 1 year free replacement warranty.

“I LOVE this baby pillow! I just had my 4th so diaper changing is done on the fly and this pillow is perfect to keep her safe on the bed or couch while i'm running around grabbing diapers and wipes. It's actually 3 pieces and they are almost like bean bags - super comfy! I love how you can separate the pieces so if you just need a soft head pillow (without the sides) to change a diaper on the floor, this is perfect! I wish I had this for my other 3 babies!” said Travis S, a customer.


Stardust and Wishes and Magical things, this is where your baby shopping begins!

Your baby fills a place in your heart you never knew was empty. Makes love stronger, the days shorter the nights longer, savings smaller, and a home happier.

Here at Universe Babies, their passion is in the product. They want only the best for their current and future little ones.

As their first breath took theirs away, they want their products to deliver the same satisfaction; not only to you the parent but also the little gem as well.

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Website - www.UniverseBabies.com

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