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Newton International Show is a science club that operates over 4 countries in Europe that proposes kids for learning the new format that they fondly call ‘Fun Science’. Introducing the kid’s party Singapore, Newton Show is letting the kids from 3 to 16 years old explore the world of science in a truly fantastic and fun-filled manner.

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Singapore, 11 July 2017: We all know how much effort it takes when you need to explain the simple fundamentals and concepts of science to kids. Even children struggle hard but the seriousness of the moment sometimes gets better off than the requirement of clarity to understand the things. In such a scenario, Newton Show took upon the task of exposing kids to the principles of science in a unique way. Organising Newton International Show where not only children watch the spectacular experiments but they also get to participate in the seemingly wondrous miracles. It is a rare opportunity for kids to feel like real scientists. The exciting part is that the show is now in a new format that can make the children’s fest parties absolutely amazing and fun-filled. Never could you imagine that learning could be so interesting and innovative too! One can say the fantasy becomes a reality with the Newton International Show. It has been seen that even adults watch the Newton shows with great pleasure. The organisers at the Newton show for kids parties make sure that the right set of experiments are chosen for each age range. The organisers will first arrange a meeting with you that is bound to exceed expectations. All the things are so vividly planned and explained that it overwhelms the mind to think of so much of knowledge get filled with fun.

Speaking of the kid's party Singapore, one of the company spokesperson said,” This isn’t an entirely new thing - in the United States, science-themed kids’ parties have been around for a while and have been great successes, but it’s new in Asia. There is even a new term for such events: ‘edutainment’ combining the words’. Entertainers at these events perform shows with real chemistry and physics experiments, involving the audience in the process, making the show a truly interactive one.”

It is just like ordering magic with the Newton Science Club. And if you have ever thought about testing in the scientific style, nothing could be a better choice the Newton Show. The audience are offered with 150 colourful and astonishing experiments from the world of chemistry and physics.

You can know more about kid’s party Singapore by Newton Show on their website at

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