Wire Rope Hoist makes lifting and lowering heavy loads easy

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Hoist is a equipment or device that is meant for lifting or lowering a load with the help of a drum or lift wheel around which there is chain or rope wrapped. It can be easily operated manually, electrically as well as pneumatically. A chain, fiber or wire rope is used as the lifting medium of the loads which is usually attached by the hoist through a means of lifting hook. The wire rope manufacturers such device with the cutting edge technology and highly sophisticated material in order to provide exceedingly hard core performances such as easy and effective load handling, greater and higher lifting speed, upgraded quality, highly ergonomic and favorable dimension to make its application not only effective but efficient as well.

Easy maintenance, safety and security

Regardless of its work efficiency as already mentioned above, it is quite easy to maintain and repair its individual parts. In addition to it, the modular design of the wire rope hoist offers simple and quick maintenance solutions. Thus, it increases the time efficiency and reduce downtime.

Moreover, in order to facilitate, greater safety and security during the work hours, the manufacturer highly prioritize these fact to ensure high degree of safety and security and excellent power transmission combined with effective brake system. For that reason, it is considered quite safe and reliable.

Features of wire rope hoist

There are several productive features of wire rope hoist. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • It assists the over hoisting and lowering limit switches which is proficiently operated by the movement of rope guide.

  • The ground gears of wire rope hoist is made of hardened alloy steel, which in-turns imparts long lasting, durability, less noise and high efficiency

  • It facilitates less hook approach

  • It also overload limiting device, thus promotes safe operation that damage to motor and complete to hoist.

  • Low headroom.

  • Accurate and true vertical lift.

  • It is featured pack with trolley for curvature path.

  • Its hoisting drum can directly mounted gear box with reduce the chances of coupling, intermediate axle and bearing.

  • It has minimum number of parts that facilitates minimum maintenance options.

There are several Wire Rope Hoist Manufacturers that manufacture different type of wire rope hoist such as:

  • Hand operated wire rope

  • Wire rope scaffold hoists

  • Electric winches and hoists

  • Overhead wire rope crane hoist

  • Hydraulic wire rope hoist

  • Pneumatic wire rope hoist

Wire rope hoists can be a great addition to any site that requires heavy loads to lift higher or lower down. However, one should make the selection of appropriate wire rope hoist as per his own requirement.

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