Impact Computers and Electronics Prepares to Celebrate Its 25th Year Anniversary

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Impact Computers and Electronics is a well-known computer parts distributor. Now, this company is preparing its 25th year anniversary.

Not all computer and electronic businesses can survive for a long time. Some of them have to close their business for some reasons. In a different case, Impact Computers and Electronics is able to develop its business well. Even, the business develops significantly in which it serves customers around the world. This business also becomes a trusted computer parts distributor from a variety of top rated brands including Acer, Compaq, HP, IBM, Toshiba, Sony, Panasonic, and many others. Nowadays, Impact Computers and Electronics is about to prepare its 25th years anniversary celebration. During developing its business, this distributor learns a lot of experience, especially in how to serve their customers well and the way to understand what the customers needs. This is the reason why this distributor only serves high-quality products including battery, LCD panel, adapter, cases, and many others.

The business was started on November 1, 1995, and developed by a family of 4 which are Daniela Salaues, Orienta Salaues, Rafael Salaues, and David Salaues. It was started in a small electronic shop at Washington Avenue, South Beach Miami, Florida. At the first time, the company offered computer retails and repair services. Then, they moved to a bigger area in January 2002 to Coolidge Street, Hollywood, Florida. There was also a better service where they were able to same the order with the same day delivery. The business was improved significantly in 2003, 2005, and 2006 so the company began to develop some departments and hire some skillful employees. They moved again for expansion to the North 29th Avenue, Hollywood, Florida in 2012 and it makes them more productive than before. Until today, Impact Computers and Electronics is successfully developing their business into reseller and international supplier for computer parts. The company sends the computer parts to some of the big countries, including Canada, Mexico, Latin America, Japan, Turkey. Even, the company is able to send their products to some small towns such as Bangladesh.

After 25 years running the business, the Salaues family reaches a great improvement and achievement from the first where the business started. The improvement is including a recycling program in which they try to recycle the damage or old parts to save the environment from the bad impacts. Now, they have over 180.000 computer parts, a warehouse, and international shipping service. It seems that their business will grow larger in the future due to the need for electronic and computer parts.

About Impact Computers and Electronics:

Impact Computers and Electronics is a well-known computer parts distributor located in Florida. This company has served the customers for 25 years. Now, they have a lot of high-quality parts, international shipping service, and recycling program.

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